ISIS Still Sending Death Threats Directly to Families of US Soldiers via Email and Social Media

by Warner Todd Huston | February 20, 2015 6:27 pm

While President Obama continues to say that Islamic terror is no big deal, ISIS forces are still sending emails, and posts on social media directly threatening the families of US soldiers.

Katie Pavlich is reporting that ISIS continues to threaten families[1] of our solider.

Last week Angela Ricketts, the wife of an active duty military officer, received a message through her author page on Facebook. At first she assumed it was an average online troll, but after further investigation discovered the message came from an ISIS account. On the same day she received the threat, four other military wives received something similar.

“I read the message and it was terrifying. It threatened my family, it threatened me, it threatened my husband, it said they knew everything about us and where we were and threatened us with Shariah law,” Ricketts said On The Record Thursday night. “This isn’t the mountains of eastern Afghanistan and Paktika province. This isn’t the desert of Iraq. This is here and this is now. This is a brand new world and how are we going to deal with it now that it’s here and these threats are directed towards us?”

“Having it director towards us, it’s completely new ground,” Ricketts added.

But, don’t forget. Islam is wholly innocent of any blame.

  1. ISIS continues to threaten families:

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