Islamists Create Extremist Sharia Police… in GERMANY!

by Warner Todd Huston | September 6, 2014 11:49 am

One of the features of an Islamic society is that those in power often form roving bands of thugs called “sharia police” who roam the streets with bats and intimidate citizens, beat women, and attack anyone who they deem to be lacking the proper respect for the “religion of peace.” Now, one community in Germany has just started one of these thug patrols.

If German authorities allow this to continue, the west deserves to lose to these terror-loving monsters.

NBC News reported the story[1]:

Small groups of hardline Salafist Muslims have been patrolling the streets of a German city hoping to “influence and recruit young people,” police said. The groups were seen in the western city of Wuppertal wearing bright orange reflective vests with “Shariah Police” on the back. “This was seen as a violation against Germany’s public assembly law and charges were filed,” police spokesman Andre Schwanicke told NBC News. Officials say they have increased the police presence in the city.

Meanwhile, a YouTube propaganda video from the German Salafist scene was posted online showing a poster with the English headline “Shariah Controlled Zone”, followed by images of Salafists recruiting young people and visiting gambling halls. “The video is a new provocation and part of the Salafist propaganda, which shows that the scene does not acknowledge Germany’s rule of law,” Joerg Rademacher, spokesman for the state’s interior ministry said. Officials in Northrhein-Westphalia say that the Salafist scene in Germany’s most populated state consists of approximately 1,800 members alone, of which 10 percent are considered to be violent extremists.

“An appearance that intimidates, unsettles and provokes will not be tolerated. There is no legitimation for this “Shariah Police”,” Birgitta Radermacher, police chief of Wuppertal was quoted as saying in a statement.

This is how we lose, my fellow westerners. The Germans should track down these Muslim extremists and throw them in jail for their thuggery.

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