James Clyburn Pushes Moonbattery to the Border of Blasphemy

by Dave Blount | June 29, 2011 3:06 pm

The Left hates Christianity and America because both are bulwarks in the defense of individual liberty from oligarchical collectivism. Yet we hear this[1] from Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC):

“I always find it very interesting that people talk all about their [failed attempt to pronounce ‘fundamental’] Christianity and all these other religions, all of which teach love, all of which teach taking care of the poor, all of which talk about doing for the least of these. Yet, they continue to heap burden upon burden upon people who can stand it the least.”

Heaping burdens means failing to support ever-climbing tax rates to finance Big Government’s never-ending expansion.

Jesus cared about the poor, therefore He would have wanted you to endorse socialist tyrants stealing other people’s money and passing along enough of it to financial underachievers in exchange for their votes to make sure they stay poor from one generation to the next. The commandment “Thou Shall Not Steal” was apparently a mistake, like the Second Amendment.

Clyburn goes on to denounce resistance to confiscatory levels of taxation as “un-American,” echoing coercively financed left-wing PBS propagandist Mark Shields[2]. Never mind that the country was founded as a reaction against over-reaching government.

If socialism were in any way consistent with Christian or American values, crosses and Old Glory wouldn’t set liberals’ teeth on edge.

Sure to send Clyburn, Shields, et al. scurrying back under the stove.

On a tip from Jodie. Hat tip: The Blaze[3]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[4].

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