Joe McGinniss Like a Wife Beater Blaming the Wife

Left-wing, hack writer Joe McGinniss is showing signs of instability. Like a wife beater, he’s now blaming Sarah Palin for being alarmed and upset that he — well known as her literary stalker — has suddenly appeared as her new next door neighbor.

McGinnis has, wife-beater-like, been quoted by the Washington Post that HE is the one “offended” by Palin’s portrayal of HIM.

McGinniss told the Post that Palin should have “offered him a plate of cookies” when he moved in to stalk her instead of scoffing about him on her FaceBook account. He says that he was “deeply offended” at what she wrote and told the Post that he was even nice enough to shoo some tourists from Minnesota off Palin’s lawn after he set up his surveillance operations next door.

Yeah, that rascally Palin is such a meanie, isn’t she?

So, let’s take a look at hack McGinniss’ has done here:

  • He has written patently untrue screeds about her several times in the past
  • He has threateningly moved in next door to her family in order to write more scurrilous stuff
  • He has wagged his finger in her face saying she’s a bad neighbor
  • He has pleaded that he just wants to get along as he pens his latest sack of lies

Yeah, I am beginning to see just how innocent and inoffensive this McGinniss hack is. Aren’t you?

Like I said, McGinniss is acting like an inveterate wife beater, here. It’s always the wife’s fault, you see. Dinner was late… she deserved a beating. Sex was luke-warm… she deserved a beating. She interrupted him as he was writing his next calumny… she deserved a beating. She objected when he moved in next door after she last got a beating… she deserved a beating. She dared to point out his uncivil and threatening behavior… she deserved a beating.

I mean, it’s such a natural thing to welcome an enemy as a next door neighbor, isn’t it?

Then again… she deserves a beating, right Joe McGinniss, wife beater at large?

(Originally posted at Texas for Sarah Palin)

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