John and Elizabeth Edwards Legally Split Today

by Melissa Clouthier | January 27, 2010 3:03 pm

Buried today in the news of the State of the Union and the Apple iPad this[1]:

Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who admitted last week that he fathered a child with a videographer, separated Wednesday from his wife, Elizabeth, according to a source close to her.

Edwards, 56, denied he was the infant’s father for more than a year, saying his affair with Rielle Hunter was over before she became pregnant.

The former U.S. senator from North Carolina unsuccessfully sought the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Elizabeth Edwards’ sister, Nancy Anania, told People magazine in an article dated Wednesday that Elizabeth told her, “I’ve had it. I can’t do this. I want my life back.”

The sister told the magazine, “She’s got cancer and has young children and totally believes in marriage … but she can only do so much.”

And there’s a sex tape[2]. Of course. And it won’t get released “unless he needs the money.”

AND, John Edwards hates “fat rednecks[3]:”

Young also writes that Edwards, who billed himself as the modest son of a mill worker, hated making appearances at state fairs where “fat rednecks try to shove food down my face. I know I’m the people’s senator, but do I have to hang out with them?”

You wouldn’t have heard this story if it weren’t for the MSM. But they’re no biased. Nosiree…

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