John Kerry Announces that Obama is Wasting $3 BILLION Tax Dollars on UN’s Global Warming Scheme

by Warner Todd Huston | December 13, 2014 12:35 pm

Secretary of State John Kerry appeared at the COP-20 global warming conference in Lima, Peru on Dec. 11 to announce that President Obama is giving $3 BILLION of our tax dollars to fund the UN’s latest global warming scheme.

With nonsense like this, no wonder Obama is the biggest spending, most wasteful President in American history.

At 1:24 in the video, Kerry announces:

I understand we now have enough pledges from the international community to meet and exceed the initial Climate Green Fund target of 10 billion. And the United States is very proud to be contributing 3 billion.

A few minutes later he insists….

But what happens if the climate skeptics are wrong? Catastrophe. And we have a responsibility to put in place the precautionary principle when you’re given certain evidence and you’re a public official. So today I call on all of you here on Lima–negotiators, diplomats, scientists, economists, and concerned citizens in Peru and around the world–to demand resolve from your leaders. Speak out. Make climate change an issue that no public official can ignore for even one more day, let alone for one more election.

With our economy still struggling and millions of Americans out of work, Obama is wasting $3 BILLION tax dollars on this fantasy nonsense.

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