JUST IN: City Passes Unanimous Resolution to IMPEACH Trump

JUST IN: City Passes Unanimous Resolution to IMPEACH Trump

Relatively poor, the city of Richmond, California is an industrial community that sits on the eastern side of the Frisco Bay area. It has now voted in favor of a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to be impeached.


The text used for this resolution was not released right away, but their agenda listed “a resolution in support of a Congressional investigation regarding the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump”

Now, the so-called basis for Trump’s impeachment as reported by local ABC News affiliate KGO is based on the President’s alleged links to his private business holdings.


Critics are claiming that these holdings are creating conflicts of interest and even a possible violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

However, they have NO evidence of their claims. Zero. Zilch. They have been upgraded from fools, to absolute imbeciles.

No evidence of there being any sort of conflict of interest that he has benefited from, nor any that he has done anything illegal that would even justify the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that are necessary for impeachment.

On top of that, the Emoluments Clause argument is by many constitutional scholars and legal analysts seen as a WEAK avenue to pursue such results with.

Donald Trump has been something of an obsession for Richmond politicians. In 2015, the mayor blamed Trump for inciting a hate crime against a local mosque, even though the suspect had praised Hillary Clinton in social media. Not Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton…

Richmond is WHACK!

They are considered the 6th poorest large city in the State of California and yet they have the highest public employee salary burden…so, obviously the are reaping what they sow.

…and currently they are sowing a whole lot of steaming bull crap.

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