LOL! Watch How Nancy Pelosi Reacted During Trump’s Speech to Congress

by Just An American | March 1, 2017 4:20 pm

HA, HA! If you want to see what a person looks like because they have created a lifetime of misery for themselves by being demon spawn in politics…this is what it would look like right here:


Is it just me, or is her face melting a little bit? Playing with all that hell fire has taken a toll on her. There seems to be someone on Twitter who agrees too…

Anyhow, as expected when Pelosi had a chance to share her thoughts on the speech, she had nothing nice to say about it and several things to say trying to instill fear into people. Twisting the truth…that’s what she does. Of course along with outright lying too…it’s just a thing with them.

If you want to watch this interview, you can right here.[4]

Now, how about we end this article with a look into exactly how Democrats act when they don’t get their way? It does not matter if they are wrong or not, nor does it matter what is right to them.

Never is.

It’s not about what is right, it’s about WHO is right with them…and that’s a road to total destruction.

Here she is, Nancy Pelosi… when everyone else is cheering and applauding a moment that should have been in unity, she decided it’s not worthy of her…and acts a total fool.

Sorry Pelosi… if Trump keeps up the good work, he will be in the White House for 8 years, easy.


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