Many Democrats Think We Should Ban All Corporate Profits

by William Teach | September 7, 2012 7:07 am

I heard this one yesterday while listening to Rush at the gym, and, unsurprisingly I was unsuprised at many of the answers Democrats provided

(The Blaze[1]) Radio talk show host and erstwhile Senate candidate Peter Schiff has a long track record of trying to reason with his opponents, or at least engage with them fairly. The Connecticut based libertarian has taken on Lawrence O’Donnell[2] on his home turf at MSNBC and most recently, even tried to engage with members of Occupy Wall Street in an 18 minute video that went viral last year[3].

Now, Schiff is back with a video from the DNC. Except this time, he’s taken on a rather different approach to engaging with his opponents. That is, rather than advocate his own views, he has shot video of himself playing devil‘s advocate for what many would consider to be a completely ridiculous extension of his opponents’ philosophy.

Schiff‘s target in this case is the Democrats’ seeming antipathy to corporate profits, which he attacks by pretending to be a radical Leftist who wants to ban corporate profits altogether, just to see if he can get any Democrats to agree with this economically absurd idea.

So while there’s not nearly universal agreement on the idea, and some people in the video force Schiff to moderate his position and others simply nod along politely, the video certainly shows a high degree of sympathy with the goal. And the immediate positive (and enthusiastic) reactions of several delegates, including one who enthusiastically calls for “corporate losses,” may strike some readers as either entertaining or disturbing.

The story writer, Mytheos Holt, isn’t particularly happy with this line of questioning, saying it isn’t good journalism. Holt misses the point that it’s not meant to be journalism, Schiff is a talk radio host, not a reporter. Anyhow, watch the video, and hear the replies

Peter Schiff’s blog post on this is here[4].

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