Maxine Waters Asked To Give Some Credit To Trump – Her Reply Shows There Are Two Americas [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 2, 2017 4:58 pm

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared once again on The View, where she gets communist love and sympathy from her fellow comrades. She was asked by co-host Jedediah Bila to give credit to President Donald Trump for just one thing. Which of course the vile harpy couldn’t do and the commie audience loved it. Mad Max is arguably THE most corrupt member of Congress. She’s certainly one of the biggest racists and hate-mongers out there. The only thing she’s known more for his her utter contempt and hatred for President Trump. Her last goal in life (and I mean that) is to see Trump impeached.

Jedediah gave it her best shot though. She ticked off economic stats, including the Dow hitting an all-time high and unemployment being at record low numbers. She asked Waters, “Are you willing to give him some credit in that arena, on the economy, that he’s making some progress?” Then Auntie Max pounced, “Absolutely not.” And the crowd went wild. “I think too much credit is given to presidents about how the markets are working, and I really don’t think that he’s done anything that he can take credit for. So I don’t believe that he’s had any initiatives, he’s had any legislation, he’s not been involved in public policy,” Waters continued. “He doesn’t know really what’s going on on Wall Street. So I don’t give him any credit for it.”


Before I go on, let me just say this. She is partly correct, the President does not solely dictate the swings in the market. But I can tell you this… Trump’s pro-business approach and the promise of less regulation and taxation has definitely affected the stock market, regardless of what this seahag says. And coal is not dead… some of those jobs are coming back Maxie.

Bila continued to soldier on, “What about deregulating the economy, though? What about some of the job promotion he’s done around the country? We talk about coal jobs … you don’t think that is in any way related to it?” I don’t know what she expected Waters to say, but I was not surprised to see her double down. “No, absolutely not,” Waters caustically replied again. “He’s not really created any substantive number of jobs. He has made these people believe he’s going to bring back the coal industry. It is not going to happen.”

And then you have Joy Behar, the hosebeast, chiming in. She just couldn’t help but be giddy over her shared hatred of Trump. “At what point do you think his supporters figure that out?” Behar chirped. That’s when Maxine Waters laid into the “deplorables” who support President Trump. She was demeaning, condescending and just plain rude as you would expect. “Well, you know, you have to determine why they stick with him,” she replied. “They stick with him, not because they think he’s going to change government as such. I think they stick with him because he has made them believe that somebody else is responsible for their problems. For these small towns,” she continued, “and these areas where the stores have closed down, the jobs have left, ‘it is those people over there, I’m going to build a wall, I’m going to keep those people out, they’re the cause of your problem, they’re getting something for nothing, it’s not you,’ and they believe that.”

In other words, the American people are stupid rubes that can be bought off with empty promises. Spoken like a true racist elitist. She’s trying to tell all of us we are unwitting victims of Trump and the Republicans. And she couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the left that doesn’t take responsibility for their problems, not the right. She’s senile. This same woman gave Obama an “A” in 2009 for the economy and that included the monstrous failed stimulus package. So, spare us your economic expertise.

The problem here is Trump isn’t a communist and therefore will never be acceptable to a hypocrite like Maxine Waters. Her blatant lying and the ease with which she puts forth evil intent is simply stunning. But then again, this is Mad Max we are talking about.

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