Maxine Waters FAILS to Explain What Democrats Stand For, Makes Total FOOL Of Herself [WATCH]

Maxine Waters FAILS to Explain What Democrats Stand For, Makes Total FOOL Of Herself [WATCH]

Since suffering epic losses in the November elections, the Democratic Party has been floundering. What does the party stand for now? Who will be its leaders? These are questions with no answers and yet, Democrats continue to try to present themselves as a viable alternative to the GOP. And when Maxine Waters tried to explain what Democrats have to offer beyond being anti-Donald Trump, she failed miserably.

Waters appeared on MSNBC, where she was asked by MSNBC host Katy Tur what the party stands for besides just opposing Trump. Why was Waters asked this, specifically? Because she has not only been an outspoken opponent of Trump’s, she has also publicly called for his impeachment. And Tur didn’t let Waters have the easy interview she was perhaps expecting.

“Congresswoman, what do the Democrats stand for other than being against Donald Trump?” Tur asked. “What do you stand for other than trying to get Donald Trump impeached?” Waters answered, “Everyone knows that I am the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee and that I have spent many, many hours and days implementing the Dodd-Frank reforms.” And then she went right back to her old standby: opposing Republicans.

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“We pushed back on the Republicans, we fight against them,” Waters said. “[They] attempt[ed] to go get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before we came up with the reforms under Dodd-Frank.”

But what about the principles that Democrats stand for? “Are Democrats focusing enough on their ideas?” Tur asked in response. Waters responded by trying to claim that she needed to better explain her role on the Financial Services Committee. But Tur wouldn’t let Waters dodge the question.

“I personally wanted to know if you think Democrats are getting out there and giving their message enough?” Tur asked. “If they are telling what they want to do to fix things like the economy, like you said, making sure the government is working for them instead of coming out and reacting to Donald Trump day in and day out?”

And at that, Waters clearly began to get frustrated. “Listen, if you have not been keeping up with the town halls that have been going on, where we have basically organized America around the [Affordable Care Act] and protected Obamacare and the thousands of people who have come out who now are very much informed about the difference between Obamacare and Trumpcare,” she snapped. “I think people understand that we are fighting and that we are working on the issues of health care and housing and transportation and all those issues that are very dear to us. I think that’s very clear.”

MSNBC is an extremely liberal media outlet; that’s no secret. So, when even MSNBC wants to know what Democrats stand for, because their message isn’t being made clear, that should really tell Waters something — that there is a fundamental problem with the party, whether she wants to admit it or not.

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