Meet Sheila Jackson Lee, Likely Candidate for Secretary of Transportation in Next Democrat Presidency

by Dave Blount | December 28, 2017 1:40 pm

The recent dustup during which ultra-left congresscritter Sheila Jackson Lee denounced schoolteacher Jean-Marie Simon as racist for objecting to being bumped to the economy section so that Jackson Lee could have her seat was hardly out of character:

[Jackson Lee] has had a history of transportation drama, including berating flight attendants on first class flights and making her Congressional staff drive her one block, while waiting on her for hours and disrupting traffic.

She’s been documented calling her employees ‘you stupid motherf***er,’ while referring to herself as Congressional royalty.

‘You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,’ she was quoted saying in 1998, three years into her nearly 23-year tenure on Capitol Hill.

Being allegedly oppressed by racism tends to give moonbats that attitude, especially after they get their claws onto power.

Jackson Lee is also known for demanding that her drivers run red lights and drive on the highway shoulder. These antics have caused at least one accident.

Imagine being ruled exclusively by the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, who is unlikely ever to be voted out of office by her urban constituents, despite her obnoxiousness and her conspicuous cognitive deficiencies. That’s what people mean when they lament that “demographics are destiny.”

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