Mentally Retarded Now Have ‘Intellectual Disability’

by Warner Todd Huston | September 24, 2010 8:06 pm

Along with implementing a socialist takeover of healthcare making it more expensive and less attentive, aside from taking over America’s car industry and creating a new brand of auto — Government Motors — and right along side efforts to give Big Labor millions of our tax dollars in payoffs and bailouts, not to mention attempting to takeover the banking and investing sectors, the Obama administration and the Democrat Party have also decided that we can no longer say “mentally retarded,” or even mentally disabled.” Hence forth by order of Democrats we shall now call them “intellectually disabled.”

This is the really important work of Congress in these “interesting times” in which we live.

With this important work, Congress has changed the label in existing health, education and labor law so that the terminology will more closely ascribe[1] to that of the United Nation’s health arm.

Me, I’d like to know when they will officially classify liberalism as a mental disease? Maybe instead of saying they suffer from liberalism, we should say they suffer from “Intellectual Disassociation Disorder.” Because they certainly can’t seriously imagine that their lies and schemes comport with reality in any way.

Still, I am glad that Congress has taken the time away from spending us into oblivion and indulging its plans to materially destroy the USA to make it a less powerful member of the European Union to alter our mental health definitions to fit the UN’s needs. God knows we can’t help the UN out enough.

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