Michelle Obama Breaks Her Silence About Trump Victory

by Just An American | December 7, 2016 3:03 pm

Nearly a month after the election has come and gone and Trump was crowned the President-elect, Michelle Obama is coming out and telling us her thoughts and actions on the night she learned her candidate lost.


According to Daily Mail:[2]

Unlike many of her friends, apparently, Michelle Obama didn’t lose any sleep that night. She revealed in an interview with People magazine that she did with her husband that she didn’t stay up to even hear the election results.

‘I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have. I barely did with him,’ Mrs Obama said, sending the president into a fit of laughter.

After the Obamas had campaigned so hard and so focused for Hillary Clinton in the race, they have admitted that after their loss they are now focused on just doing their best to make the transition to a Republican White house[3] as bumpy free as possible.

‘Anything that I felt about the election I said and I stand by,’ Mrs Obama said. ‘Once you do what you can do, then the rest is easy. It was in the hands of the American people.’

During the interview they also shared that both of their daughters are torn about having to leave the White House come January. They stated that while both teenagers are ready to leave the nest, they at the same time know they won’t be able to return to the home they grew up in and it’s been a tough thing to come to an understanding with.

‘They’re ready to get out, just out from their parents’ house. The fact that their parents’ house is the White House may add to it,’ the president said.

‘There’s a sentimentality about this place, that they’ve had so many amazing experiences, and the staff are part of the family. It is different for them than most kids in that when they leave, they won’t be able to come home. Malia’s spoken about how she regrets the fact that she won’t have that home base in the same way.’

I’m sorry, but is Michelle talking about the same home that she claimed she had to wake up in every morning in, knowing it was built by the hands of slaves? Good grief woman…

Malia, the Obamas’ eldest daughter, graduated from high school in the spring, but does not plan to attend Harvard until the fall. With that President Obama had something to say…that clearly his wifey didn’t agree with.

The president called Malia ‘a grown woman’ ready to fly the coop before his wife corrected him, saying: ‘I don’t know about that…She’s still a baby’.

Well there you have it… on election night after Michelle Obama did her best to push for Hillary to be president, she went to bed before the results were called. Without a thought more about it.

She spoke with such passion and energy when she campaigned for crooked Hillary, yet didn’t even care to see how it turned out.

I don’t know about you, but it just seems her fight for Hillary seems more duty and less passion after learning that…

In other words… ‘fake’.

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