Michigan Authorities Attack Woman for Babysitting Neighbor Kids

by Warner Todd Huston | September 25, 2009 9:30 am

You read that headline right. A woman who was watching her neighbor’s kids each school morning for 40 minutes before the bus came is being accused of being a criminal by the State of Michigan.

It takes a village, right? Remember when you were a kid and the next door neighbor looked after you for an hour or so until your parents got back from shopping or work? Remember when your neighbor might even pick you up from school at one time or another? Remember that your parents returned the favor whenever it was necessary? Remember when neighbors felt a responsibility to each other? Well thank God we don’t have to rely on friends and neighbors any more. After all, we have the glorious state to take care of us now. We have our fathers and mothers in government to watch out for us. Who needs neighbors?

This is what has happened in the people’s state of Michigan where a kindly maternal woman is being ground under the iron boot heel of authorities from the State of Michigan because she dared to watch her neighbor’s children[1] for about 40 minutes before school each weekday in violation of the state’s child daycare center registration laws.

Shockingly this poor woman is being threatened by the goosesteppers of the child welfare department of what should be the Badger State instead of Wolverine — that would be more apt in this case — because she did not get a childcare license for watching her neighbor’s kids for the 40 minutes before the the bus arrives each morning.

Folks we have at last come to a decision point.

We have allowed our various governments from the smallest village all the way to the halls of the federal government to become an anti-family, anti-American despotism and here is just another disgusting example of that devolution from American republic to fascist state.

When we are prohibited by state law to even offer a little help to our friends and neighbors or face prosecution by the all powerful state, we have arrived at a time when our government is no longer on our side. Our governments, all of them, are fast becoming enemies to the common good, enemies to the rights and liberties of the people they are supposed to govern. Government is now only interested in its own power and its own needs.

When you can’t even help a neighbor for fear of the fascist state coming down on you like a ton of bricks we have arrived at a turning point for sure. It is time to take power away from government at every level. When any politician is running for office and telling us what he will “do” for us, tell him you only want one thing from him. Tell him you want him to LEAVE US ALONE.

(Update to clarify my poor attempt at ajoke about “the Badger State”)

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