Millionaire Pop Singer Ariana Grande Says She Hates America–Then Retracts

by Warner Todd Huston | July 8, 2015 3:20 pm

Pop singer Ariana Grande claims she was taken out of context after a video showing her saying she hates America and Americans was posted to the gossip website TMZ on Tuesday.

The video shows[1] the Pop Tart looking at a sheet of large donuts and then remarking about how she hates America and its citizens. “What the f–k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America,” she is heard saying on the video. But now Grande says that her words were “taken out of context.”

By Wednesday she was assuring America[2] that she loves her country:

“I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American and I’ve always made it clear that I love my county (sic),” Grande told FOX411 in a statement. “What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the donuts, was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.”

The 22-year-old explained she was frustrated by “how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health.” She admitted that she should have “known better in how [she] expressed [herself],” but seeing the doughnuts reminded her that the “United States has the highest child obesity rate in the world.”

“We need to do more to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of overeating and the poison that we put into our bodies,” she added.

Were her original words just ill chosen? Do you believe her retraction?

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