Mitt Romney Vs. Bane?

by Matt Vespa | July 17, 2012 5:11 pm


I’m Mitt Romney!!!!

Silly season has begun. : Apparently, some liberals are comparing Bane from the Batman comics to Mitt Romney. : It’s downright ludicrous. : We’re going to try to make fictional characters in a fictional universe salient issues in the 2012 election. : As Paul Bedard wrote in the Washington Examiner today:[2]

“It has been observed that movies can reflect the national mood,” said Democratic advisor and former Clinton aide Christopher Lehane. “Whether it is spelled Bain and being put out by the Obama campaign or Bane and being out by Hollywood, the narratives are similar: a highly intelligent villain with offshore interests and a past both are seeking to cover up who had a powerful father and is set on pillaging society,” he added.

As the Friday release date has neared, liberal blogs were the first to connect Batman’s toughest foe with Romney’s firm. But now even some conservatives, concerned Romney isn’t fighting the Bain attacks hard enough, see a similarity in the epic DC Comics fight and the political campaign

It gets worse when “Democratic strategist Karl Frisch suggests a Romney comparison instead to Mr. Burns, the devilish nuclear power plant owner on the Simpsons. The similarities are endless.” : What doesn’t help is Frank Luntz adding his two cents stating “Hollywood does it again, he told Secrets. “[Romney] had to know all this was coming and he should have done a lot more to prepare for it.” No Frank. : Romney doesn’t need a Batman advisor/expert to pivot away from such an inane narrative.

ABC’s Jake Tapper noted the absurdity and tweeted that the character of Bane was created in 1993[3]. He’s absolutely right. : Sorry libtards…this is wholly irrelevant.


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