Muslim Posts This List of 13 Banned Items Showing Just How Oppressive Islam and Sharia Is

by Warner Todd Huston | July 18, 2015 12:09 pm

To show just how strict and oppressive Islam is, one British Muslim just posted a list of 13 things that Islam would ban immediately if sharia law became preeminent. They keep saying that Islam is the “religion of peace.” Well SOME of that “peace” comes from the fact that no one is allowed to DO much of anything in Islam… so, yeah, it’s peaceful in that respect!

Last week on a Twitter account reputedly belonging to an extremist Muslim “cleric” in England named Anjem Choudary was posted a list of what would be banned in a world-wide caliphate and it is stark to the mind of a freedom loving westerner.

Banned would be:

Some of these items are entirely subjective, too. Just what does “promiscuity” mean? To some it means one thing and to others another.

Oh, and by “freemixing” the “cleric” means that males and females can never do anything together outside the home. No dates, no going to movies, no eating out, no doing anything in mixed company.

And watch out, you gays. Your days of life are numbered if Islam becomes premier. You will be dead if Islam takes over.

Anyway, with this list you can see how evil Islam really is. If Islam takes over the world like Muslims want it to (and, yes, ALL Muslims want this, not just the “fanatics”), then say good bye to the U.S. Constitution and our love of freedom in the west.

THIS is the “religion of peace” that Democrats think we should live with. THIS is the culture that Democrats say is “just as good” as ours.

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