My Amazing, Earth-Shattering, Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen Analysis Of The State Of The Union

by Robert Cleveland | February 13, 2013 12:01 am

OK, I confess: I didn’t actually watch the speech.

I tried, I really did.

Well, okay, I didn’t even really try.

I did manage to muddle through the first few minutes of the speech as I waited for my wife to get ready to go out to dinner – which basically amounted to waiting until President Obama said something that made me want to utter several choice words that I try not to vocalize, since I don’t really want my 2-year-old adding them to her vocabulary.:  As more time goes on, I seem to have less and less patience for listening to the President of the United States lie to my face.

And so, instead of watching the speech, my wife and I packed our girls into our car and went off to a local restaurant to enjoy their all-you-can-eat Tuesday night pasta special.

Unfortunately for me, the restaurant also has a bar, and TVs were everywhere displaying various iterations of ESPN…except for one, which was showing the State of the Union on CNN, and of course was in my line of sight.

And that’s when the itch kicked in.

It’s the political commentator in me that always wants to keep up with the latest in politics, and as much as I tried to keep my attention on my family, my eyes kept being drawn back to the speech – not because I care about President Obama’s agenda, or thought he would say something significant, but more so that I could hear the latest pack of lies he was spreading.:  Thank goodness they didn’t have closed captioning, and the TV was too far away from our table for me to hear.

Even without watching the speech, I can tell you what Obama pushed for: more government spending, more taxes, restrictions on the Second Amendment, finger-pointing at Congressional Republicans and conservative Americans, probably some references to global warming, and definitely some racial demagoguery, likely in the form of a push for “comprehensive immigration reform.”:  In the end, it’s the same speech he’s given at least a hundred times before: the same agenda, the same talking points, the same failed policies.:  You could probably reconstruct the entire speech by piecing together sound bytes from every other speech he’s given over the last four years.

President Obama believes in an economic theory that was discredited decades ago.:  He believes in environmental theory that is being discredited more and more every day.:  He believes in immigration policies that have been tried and have failed.:  He believes in demonizing his political opponents above all, even as he talks about unity and compromise.:  His words on deficits and the national debt can never be trusted, because these are issues he doesn’t care about fixing.:  There really isn’t any reason to watch an Obama speech anymore, even if it is the State of the Union, because it will always be the same tripe as every other Obama speech: the same failed policies, the same lies, the same divisiveness, the same Obama.

The president has repeatedly said that a big part of the reason his agenda continues to struggle and fail is that he hasn’t been able to effectively get his message out…but his problem isn’t that he can’t get the message out, it’s because President Obama has nothing in his repertoire worth saying.:  We’ve heard it all before, and we’ll hear it all again, so what’s the point in paying attention?:  Let’s just all collect our welfare checks and go back to watching American Idol.

And so, here I sit, writing about how I didn’t watch the speech, checking out the post-SOTU analysis that pretty much proves me right: nothing of significance happened…except there was apparently something interesting involving Marco Rubio and a water bottle.:  And if that truly was the highlight of the evening, than I didn’t really miss anything.

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