‘New Hope’ For American Docs: Help Them Move Overseas, Won’t You?

by Warner Todd Huston | March 25, 2010 6:51 pm

The despair in the field of medicine over Obama’s government takeover of America’s once vibrant healthcare system can be overwhelming for America’s doctors. Many have said that if Obamacare is implemented, they’ll hang up their stethoscope and retire. The gloom is overpowering.

But WAIT! Help is on the way. A new effort is underway to help these poor doctors get themselves out from under the U.S. Government’s thumb, a new website has been started to keep Obama’s socialist overreach at bay. If you are an American doctor, help has arrived to help you uphold your hippocratic oath and still serve your American free-market, capitalist principles.

At PracticeAbroad.com[1], you can help an American doctor to get to freedom by sending him to a country that values his skills more than Obamabots do.

Polls have shown that almost half of American doctors are considering retiring early due to the passage of socialized healthcare in the United States. But why retire early when you can pursue the profession you love without the government interfering in your doctor-patient relationships!

If you’re ready for a fresh start, consider practicing medicine abroad! Join thousands of other American doctors who are looking for robust free-market nations where they can practice medicine without government interference.

PracticeAbroad.com[1]PracticeAbroad.com helps doctors relocate to other countries where they can find a more favorable environment to practice. You can still have the opportunity to do what you love in a healthcare system that respects your profession and in a place where you will love to live.

Are you a doctor that is ready for a fresh start? Then PracticeAbroad.com[1] is for YOU!

Of course, if you are a doctor that loves Obama’s Cuban styled, cut-rate, low-balled, less robust version of nationalized healthcare, you are free to stay here in the U.S. and have the IRS come down upon you and your patients for any misstep you might accidentally make.

Remember, in America healthcare is Obama’s business, not yours. So, crank up those death panels, baby, Obamacare is HERE to stay! But YOU don’t have to be. Move abroad and find a better life, Doc.


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