NEW NATIONAL CRISIS: Now Liberals Say That Saying ‘You Guys’ Is ‘Sexist’!

by Warner Todd Huston | June 11, 2015 2:30 pm

Oh, for the love of… Now liberals are trying to ban the phrase “you guys” saying that you are being sexist by using it. Seriously. What is WRONG with these idiots?

Naturally this foolishness by Renée Desmond-Harris is from one of the “Voxplainers” at, the site that is generally wrong about everything, who is trying to make a common phrase out to be the evil[1] of all evils.

The tech startup npm recently blogged about the unusual challenge some of its employees have agreed to participate in: they put a dollar in a glass jar every time they say “you guys.”

“We didn’t invent the idea, though I’m not sure where we first heard about it,” reads the company’s explanation on Tumblr. “But the idea is: if you believe that using the word ‘guys’ to describe a mixed-gender group of individuals is creeping sexism, and are trying to eliminate that word from your casual use, you put a dollar in the jar every time you do it accidentally.”

Yes, “creeping sexism.”

That sounds pretty intense. I’m a big user of “guys,” and when it was first brought to my attention that the phrase was frowned upon among leading feminist thinkers and people concerned with equality–especially in male-dominated workplaces–my reaction was, “Oh, come on. It’s inaccurate, but it’s not actually hurting anyone.”

But I’ve changed my mind. As I read up on the issue, I realized that my knee-jerk response (“It doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me, personally, and changing would require effort on my part and that’s hard and tiring”) is nothing more than a very typical lazy excuse for avoiding the tiny tweaks to our lives that can, as a whole, make society more equal.

Now I’m convinced that “guys”–unless we are actually addressing a group of guys–has got to go.

No one–and I mean 100% NO ONE–uses “you guys” with the intent to mean only men. So, Renée Desmond-Harris, shut up.

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