New York’s New School Rules for Transgendered Kids to Allow Boys to Play on Girls Sports Teams

by Warner Todd Huston | July 22, 2015 12:01 pm

If things go as planned by advocates of so-called “transgendered” kids in the New York State school system, boys will be able to join girls sports teams if those boys are pretending to be girls (and vice versa).

The new rules would essentially make kids sports mostly meaningless by upending the natural limits on abilities inherent when you keep boys and girls sports segregated by gender.

Worse, the new rules won’t even require the purportedly transgendered students to supply much by way of documentation to prove they are serious about being transgendered.

Advocates say that the whole state needs to be put out because there are maybe as many as 12 transgendered students in the whole state.

The new rules would also allow these kids to simply decide on their own which locker room they want to use.

Again, all this with only minimal documentation to prove they have some sort of mental problem with their birth gender.

The news[1] comes via the Democrat & Chronicle:

Transgender boys and girls in high schools across New York soon could find it easier to compete on either the boys or girls teams, whichever aligns with their gender identity.

New York is by no means the first state to take action, but the Empire State would be among the most inclusive, experts say. Guidelines to be voted on later this month — setting out procedures for a biological male who transitions to female to try out for and play on a girls team and vice versa–ask schools to obtain minimal documentation on a student’s gender identity. A note from a parent, guardian or medical professional will do.

This will make meaningless any team that has a winning record with a transgendered student playing, especially for a “girls” team. It won’t be a girls team if a boy is playing and unfairly adding his stronger and faster physical prowess to a girl’s team.

We can take for example the recent story of male mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Fallon Fox who decided he was really a woman but wanted to keep competing as an MMA fighter–but in the women’s category. Recently this man pretending to be a woman brutally overpowered and injured a female MMA fighter[2] in the ring because HE’S A MAN and not a woman!

Transgendered or not, no boy should ever be allowed to play sports on a girls team. It’s a matter of the physical safety of the rest of the girls!

(H/T Mental Recession[3].)

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