NJ Democrat pushing pension reform exploited double-dip loophole

by Chris Wysocki | April 2, 2011 5:18 pm

I don’t know which is funnier.

A prominent NJ Democrat caught red-handed exploiting a loophole he’s pushing to eliminate, or…

Public employee unions aiming their ire and indignation at the Democratic Party hands that feed them because of it.

State’s largest police union calls for Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo to resign[1]

The state’s largest police union called on Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr. to resign today in the wake of revelations that he is receiving a salary and a pension for the same job.

“This is unbelievable, the man is out yelling about reform and he takes a loophole to retire at a higher salary, a classic example of do as I say not as I do,” State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Anthony Wieners said in a statement. “This exposes him as a fraud and just another politician who lies to the public.”

Well, duh.

Only in New Jersey can you retire and keep doing the same job. The trick[2] is to once have held a different government job. Then you “retire” from that job, even though you’re not doing it anymore, and collect both your salary and pension benefit (which is of course based on your total years of government employment and the highest salary you ever collected). Not bad for government work, eh?

Joe D is unapologetic — “I had to make a decision that was in the best interests of my family.”

And I want to make a decision that’s in the best interests of the taxpayers and vote your double-dipping ass out of office. But this is Essex County, where the residents are born genetically incapable of voting for anyone but a Democrat.

Yet, the times, they are a changin’. This makes two of NJ’s most prominent Democrats who are under fire from the public employee unions. South Jersey political boss Steve Sweeney tried to out-maneuver Chris Christie on public employee health benefits reform. He got bitch-slapped by the unions for his trouble, and to almost no one’s surprise he promptly backed off[3].

Joe DiVincenzo and Steve Sweeney and their union frenemies perfectly exemplify the notion we’ve become a nation of takers, not makers[4].

I want them all to take one more thing. A hike.

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