Northeast Had Snowiest Winter Since Before The American Revolution

by Warner Todd Huston | April 14, 2015 5:14 pm

Even as the left is all wee-weed up about global warming, this winter gave the northeast its highest snow fall since the year 1717. That was decades before we were even a nation.

So, as global warming religionists chant that the end is nigh and that we will all burn up, the snow falls[1]…

“Looking back through accounts of big snows in New England by the late weather historian David Ludlum, it appears for the eastern areas, this winters snowblitz may have delivered the most snow since perhaps 1717,” wrote seasoned meteorologist Joe D’Aleo with Weatherbell Analytics.

“That year, snows had reached five feet in December with drifts of 25 feet in January before one great last assault in late February into early March of 40 to 60 more inches,” D’Aleo wrote. “The snow was so deep that people could only leave their houses from the second floor, implying actual snow depths of as much as 8 feet or more.”

The New England Historical Society wrote that the so-called “Great Snow” of 1717 was so intense that “Puritans in Boston held no church services for two successive weeks” — and if you know anything about Puritans, you know they don’t take missing church lightly.

Imagine that.

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