Not Their Fault: MSNBC Host Says We ‘Can’t Blame’ NY Prison Escapees for Escaping Prison!

by Warner Todd Huston | June 30, 2015 12:02 pm

So, now an MSNBC host is saying that the two murderers who escaped prison (and were recaptured this week) can’t be blamed for escaping prison! No seriously! He REALLY said that!

The idiot who said this is an expert at saying stupid things. It’s MSNBC’s Touré who just absolved murderers for escaping prison.

Touré: These guys did horrible things, right? And they’re horrible people. But we cannot blame them for trying to run away from prison, right? I think that’s what almost anybody would attempt to do in that situation. The fault here … really lies with the folks at the prison who were fraternizing, who were being complacent, doing the things that allowed them to acquire the tools and the information that allowed them to run away.

So, no criminal is at fault for his crimes. It’s everyone else’s fault? That’s MSNBC for ya!

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