Now Liberals Trying to Erase Ronald Reagan’s Name From Washington D.C. Airport

by Warner Todd Huston | September 7, 2015 2:23 pm

When it was built, the airport just outside downtown Washington D.C. was named George Washington National Airport. But in 1998 it was renamed for Ronald Reagan. Now liberals are trying to have Reagan’s name removed from the airport and George Washington’s returned.

Now that Obama has used his Kingly powers to remove Republican President William McKinley’s name from a mountain in Alaska that was named after him for almost 100 years, liberals are getting their dander up to destroy other places named for Republicans[1].

The influential liberal political action committee CREDO Action is behind the effort with a petition drive.

The petition says that because John Boehner and congressional Republicans complained when President Barack Obama restored Alaska’s Mount McKinley name to Denali, they should stay consistent and change Ronald Reagan National Airport back to its original name honoring America‚Äôs first president, George Washington.

Republicans, led by Boehner, voted to rename Washington National Airport after Ronald Reagan in 1998.

What else will liberals try to destroy… I mean, besides the whole danged country.

  1. destroy other places named for Republicans:

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