Now Media Trying to Turn Weiner Tweeter Into a Republican?

by Warner Todd Huston | June 1, 2011 8:28 pm

This story about Democrat New York Congressman Anthony Weiner sending a photo of his… uh… weiner… to some barely-out-of-her-teens student in Washington State is as ridiculous as it can get. But the leave it to the Old Media to make it more ridiculous yet. Leave it to the venerable newswire service Reuters to turn a Democrat Weiner into a Republican weiner. Because a sex scandal couldn’t possibly be a Democrat’s, right?

In a hot story posted this afternoon, Reuters screams out a headline that says: “Republican Weiner Uncertain Whether Lewd Photo Was of Him[1],” ‘cuz, you know, them there lewd Republicans see so many lewd photos that they can’t recognize their own package when they see it… right?

I mean, this sex scandal is a Republican type of story, right? Reuters must not be able to conceive of the possibility that a Democrat could be involved. After all, we have a congressman that won’t answer questions about a sex scandal, a guy that’s rude to the media, and a guy that seems to be wholly ignorant of Internet applications. MUST be a Republican Reuters must imagine!

The 160-year-old news agency sonorously informs[2] us that everything they do, “has to be independent, free from bias and executed with the utmost integrity.” I guess “facts” aren’t required to shore up that “integrity.”

Good job, Reuters. No wonder you’ve been a trusted name in smears for 160 years.

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