Now Michelle to Push Her Disastrous School Lunch Rules on Private Daycare Centers

by Warner Todd Huston | June 29, 2015 12:24 pm

Michelle Obama is now pushing the US government to force all private daycare centers that get any federal subsidies to implement her inedible school lunch rules.

Obama has been under fire for her disastrous school lunch rules but instead of falling back and reconsidering, she is now planning on forcing millions more kids to suffer[1] under her rule.

If the U.S. Department of Agriculture has its way, first lady Michelle Obama’s vision for what Americans should be eating will affect more federal programs.

The department is seeking to overhaul rules related to the Child and Adult Care Food Program, a program similar to the National School Lunch Program, except for day-care providers.

Day care centers are eligible for reimbursements from the federal government, provided there is compliance with their rules.

The USDA wants more vegetables and less sugar served to children and adults in day care centers.

…The effect could be sweeping.

According to Mlive, at least 30 states “require day cares to use the program’s nutrition guidelines to receive licenses.” The program also feeds about 120,000 elderly or disabled adults each day.

The proposed federal program overhaul is just another thing overseers will have to keep an eye on. And if the National School Lunch Program is any indication, more programs may be created than solved.

Liberals want to rule EVERY part of your life, America.

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