NY Times Suddenly Very Concerned Over People Complaining About Vote Rigging

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is in a snot over Trump’s constant comments about the election being rigged, which is being aped by his most ardent supporters, and use this as a means to attack all Republicans

Shameful Silence on Donald Trump’s Lies About Vote-Rigging

It may be too late for the Republican Party to save itself from the rolling disaster of Donald Trump, but the party’s top leaders still have the duty to speak out and help save the country from his reckless rhetoric. The most frightening example is Mr. Trump’s frenzied claim that the presidential election is being “rigged” against him — a claim he has ramped up as his chances of winning the presidency have gone down.

Instead of disavowing this absurdity outright, Republican leaders sit by in spineless silence. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, are the two most powerful Republicans in the country and should be willing to put the national interest above their own. Both know full well that there is no “rigging,” and yet between them they have managed one tepid response to Mr. Trump’s outrageous accusations: “Our democracy relies on confidence in election results,” Mr. Ryan’s spokeswoman said, “and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity.”

Interesting. Certainly, this who rigging thing is over-the-top and absurd. But, is it out of bounds? We know the Democratic Party primary was pretty much rigged for Hillary to a degree. We know that the general election is pretty much rigged from the 90% Democrat supporting media’s point of view, which happens every election cycle.

Other than that, though, how is this rigged? And why is it required for high end Republicans to squash Trump and the surrogates who yammer on about it being rigged, as further described in the article? We’re told that this is like “standing back while an arsonist pours gasoline all over your house, then expressing confidence that the fire department will get there in time.”

Say, where was the NY Times when Democrats were going ape over the supposed theft of the 2000 election? Liberals still say Bush stole the election. They, somewhat quieter, say Bush stole the 2004 election by rigging Ohio. Where was the NY Times EB when Democrats, including elected ones, were saying that Bush would cancel the 2004 and 2008 elections over some sort of manufactured incident. Where was the NY Times pre-elections when Democrats were complaining about the elections being rigged via Diebold voting machines and other things?

Fortunately, the NY Times EB is there to TELL us what is patriotic (you know, like condemning a war and smearing the US military personnel in the middle of a war zone)

So what should patriotic Republicans be telling the nation?

First, they must reject bogus claims of voter fraud, which has been shown time and again to be virtually nonexistent. That will take work, since the specter of fraud, inevitably tinged with racist overtones, has long been a rallying cry among Republicans. But never before has a major party’s presidential candidate openly encouraged this attack on the legitimacy of the electoral process. Mr. Trump does it almost daily. On Monday morning, he tweeted, “Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before Election Day.” His claims are never backed up by any evidence, but they’re still working: Only about one-third of Trump supporters believe their vote will be counted accurately, in contrast with two-thirds of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, according to a Pew Research poll.

Interesting. On one hand, we’re told we need massive gun control in order to save one life. On the other, it’s fine if there is just a little bit of voter fraud. And if you don’t decry Trump’s rigging comments, you’re unpatriotic.

Second, top Republicans must reject the ridiculous notion that a national election can be “rigged.”

If that’s the case, then why have Democrats called for federal and United Nations observers during our elections? The NYTEB never had a problem with this.

Since part of what Trump means is that the media is rigging the election by taking a full stand for his opponent, why is the NY Times only condemning Trump and Republicans? They barely touch Hillary. If she had an R by her name, all the things she’s done would get her the Trump treatment.

Still, Trump needs to stop the rigging talk. It’s not helping him win. But, then, I’m not sure he wants to win. He was in Wisconsin Monday night. Why? He’s not going to win the state. It’s a waste of time. Except, he used the time to attack Paul Ryan. He’s essentially trying to burn the GOP down. And he’s attacking Republicans who do not support his rigging claims. He seems to spend more time attacking Republicans than attacking Hillary and Democrats.

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