NY Times Upset That Debate Rages On When It Should Be Done

Somebody get a waaaaah-mbulance for the Fish Wrap

Health Vote Is Done, but Partisan Debate Rages On

As jubilant Democrats prepared for President Obama to sign their landmark health care legislation in a big ceremony at the White House, Republicans opened a campaign on Monday to repeal the legislation and to use it as a weapon in this year’s hotly contested midterm elections.

“We will not allow this to stand,” Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, promised Monday afternoon as the House reconvened, a day after the bitterly partisan vote.

Bad Republicans! How dare you question this legislation! Excuse me. Historic legislation passed by a slim margin on a purely partisan vote. Excuse me. We had bipartisasnship on display for those who voted “nay”.

Democrats said they would focus on explaining the measure to their constituents and on highlighting some immediate benefits, and they called on Republicans to ease off on their attacks now that the legislation had passed.

“It is time to chill out, Republicans,” said Representative Bob Filner, Democrat of California. “Let this bill work. Let our constituents finally get health care.”

The last thing we need is a Representative from the Bankrupt Welfare State Of California giving us advice.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, an association of conservative state legislators, said it was accelerating its efforts to block the federal requirement for people to carry health insurance that would take effect in 2014.

State legislators in 39 states have filed or plan to file bills to block the requirement, the council said. Virginia lawmakers have already approved such legislation.

The attorney general of Florida, Bill McCollum, said Monday that he and the attorneys general of eight other states would file suit to block enforcement of the federal law. The federal measure “violates the U.S. Constitution and infringes on each state’s sovereignty,” said Mr. McCollum, a Republican.

Would you people who believe in freedom and stuff just stop fighting this landmark legislation? Sheesh, the Constitution and personal liberty is just so old school.

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