NYC Mayoral Candidate Promises Improved Free Condoms

by Dave Blount | August 22, 2013 3:19 pm

The 1928 campaign of Herbert Hoover promised a “chicken in every pot,” although no one promised the government would pay for it. We have come a long way since those days; unfortunately, we have been traveling in the wrong direction. Now politicians promise an improved free condom on every black homosexual’s… I’d rather not say.

New York City mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn said Wednesday night that one of her priorities will be “improving the NYC condom,” referring to the free, government-issued condoms.

“I was at an event recently with a large number of African-American gay men, and they told me there’s a very pressing issue as it relates to New York City’s HIV work,” she said at the Black Pride Heritage Awards in Harlem, the Huffington Post reported.

Given Mayor Bloomberg’s warning that New York could be the next Detroit, are improved free condoms really a pressing issue? No.

The Department of Health said it hasn’t received any complaints regarding the condoms so far this year, and since 2007, the agency has received only 80 official complaints regarding condom quality or failure out of 200 million condoms distributed, the New York Post reported.

Ms. Quinn is a close second in the mayoral race to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who is regarded as even more left-wing than the other candidates.

By the way, she very much wants you to know she is a lesbian. So you can’t call her completely unqualified.

The flaccid condition of Anthony Weiner’s campaign will not spare New York from abject humiliation when the next mayor takes office. Awful as Bloomberg has been, the Big Apple is on a straight downward political trajectory, and will continue to produce ever worse leaders until the decline is somehow stopped.

Options Quinn and Weiner.

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