Obama Blames Reagan For Lack Of Trust In Government, Or Something

by Matt Vespa | December 8, 2013 4:48 pm

Keeping with the “Obama is oblivious about government” theme, here’s another nugget from his little chat with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews last week. : Concerning the lack of trust his administration now has with the American people, Obama had someone to blame for this development: Ronald Reagan[1].

We’ve had a politics, frankly, you know,: the entire Republican Party brand since Ronald Reagan has been ‘government’s the problem.’ And if you, day after day, week after week, election after election, are running on that platform and that permeates our culture and it’s picked up by, you know,: ordinary citizens who grow skeptical, then it’s not surprising that over time, trust in government declines.”

So, Obamacare’s rollout, which you had three years to make sure wouldn’t suck, isn’t your fault? : Concerning the incredibly ambiguous stance on Syria, that wasn’t your fault? Let’s keep in mind that young people, who’ve now completely soured[2] on Obama, have been distrustful of government since May[3].

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term[4]. : That never happened. : He promised something on immigration reform. : That never happened. And he promised millions of American that if you liked your health care plan you could keep it. He lied about that. : There’s also the IRS scandal, the deliberate targeting of journalists, and the NSA fiasco.

So, when you make promises you can’t keep, lie, and engage in lawless behavior, is this president that surprised the American people don’t trust your administration? : That’s reality. But: in Obama’s mind, Ronald Reagan is surely responsible for the public distrust in government, or something.

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