Obama Misspells Libya on Twitter Feed

-By Warner Todd Huston

So, not only has Obama turned a deaf ear to the dozens getting killed in Libya by their own mad dictator, but when the White House Twitter feed finally did decide to discuss the country it spelled the name of the place incorrectly.

Seriously, White House? “Lybia”? Sounds like something that the Bush Administration would be destroyed over by the left-sold media. So, any chances that the media will make fun of Barack “the world traveller” Obama over this?

Yeah, don’t hold your breath waiting for the smarter-than-thou left-media pundit class to start lambasting Obama any time soon.

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Is this all a big deal? No, not really. But it sure is fun to tweak the big world traveler, isn’t it? Of course, maybe we shouldn’t get all crazy here. Maybe they spell it “Lybia” in Kenya so Obama came by it naturally? We should check on that. Or maybe a corpse-man can help him with this spellin’ and cypherin’? Or, or maybe Obama can hire a spelling tutor for his staff in that 57th State he visited during the campaign? We should all try to help the Prez as much as we can, here. Heck, maybe the USA should apologize for forcing the world to spell it “Libya”? Maybe we are at fault after all? I am sure this will factor into the next great world Apology Tour.


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