Obama Orders Bombing in Iraq Then Goes on Vacation

Must be nice to be the king! Obama makes the snap decision to have our troops start bombing ISIS forces in Iraq and then… immediately runs off for a well deserved vacation.

That’s right, with Russia on the verge of an illegitimate invasion of Ukraine, with Syria being gutted, with thousands of Christians being murdered by Muslim extremists in Iraq–including little babies and children–with our southern border being inundated by illegals bringing disease and crime into our country, with China saber rattling and fixing to eliminate its holdings in US currency… with all this our semi-retired president goes golfing in Martha’s Vineyard. And, of course, hits another fundraiser.

After two days of airstrikes and aid drops in Iraq, President Obama today outlined a plan for U.S. Military operations in Iraq, providing assistance and relocating refugees, like the Yazidis, to a safe place. He stated:

“I don’t think we’re going to solve this problem in weeks… I think this is going to take some time.”

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So with everything going on in the world right now–a mass killing and further turmoil in Iraq, mounting tensions with Russia, the war between Israel and Hamas, an IRS whose politically biased workers are accused of bias, and much more–it’s reasonable to expect the President and his staff to be working hard to make those situations better.

Instead, President Obama is on his way to Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week vacation, complete with a fundraiser.

This man truly is the realization of the classic fiddling Nero figure.

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