Obama Said ‘Things Will Get Better,’ For This Woman They Didn’t

Last January, Jennifer Cline sent a letter to President Obama telling him of her woes. She had been diagnosed with two kinds of cancer, she lost her job and was about to lose her home. Surprisingly the president wrote her back and told her that “things will get better.”

Apparently they haven’t.

Cline has been forced to sell Obama’s letter to an historical autographs dealer for $7,000 to try and help her over the hump because things have gotten no better for the woman and her family in the nearly nine months since she sent her original letter.

This story is a great analogy to Obama’s story, isn’t it? He’s full of promises, platitudes, and hoary claims. Yet where the rubber meets the road it always seems that The One is simply full of hot air, unable to make good on his claims.

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Obama sent a letter promising that “things will get better,” but they simply haven’t. Obama sent the same letter to the whole of the American people. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we can’t even make $7,000 off the hollow promise.

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