Obama Signs Nuclear Deal With Iran That Even Arabs and Israel Agree is a Bad Deal

by Warner Todd Huston | July 14, 2015 11:24 am

Barack Obama has just made a fool of himself by claiming that Iran “won’t develop a nuclear weapon” because of the deal he just signed with Iran. This deal is so bad, so much a waste of time, that even the Israelis and the Arabs are in 100% agreement that the deal is garbage.

This deal has no teeth to force Iran to do anything and bends over backwards to give them the room to do practically anything they want to do.

Here is a transcript[1] of his full remarks.

But here are a few excerpts of the lies he told today…

Because of this deal we will for the first time be in a position to verify all of these commitments. That means this deal is not built on trust. It is built on verification. Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran will have access to Iran’s entire nuclear supply chain, its uranium mines and mills, its conversion facility and its centrifuge manufacturing and storage facilities.

This ensures that Iran will not be able to divert materials from known facilities to covert ones. Some of these transparency measures will be in place for 25 years.

Because of this deal, inspectors will also be able to access any suspicious location — put simply, the organization responsible for the inspections, the IAEA, will have access where necessary, when necessary. That arrangement is permanent. And the IAEA has also reached an agreement with Iran to get access that it needs to complete its investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran’s past nuclear research.

The fact is, none of this is true. Even with the inspections the Iranians have no incentive to allow them and have outs in this “treaty” that let’s them do it.

And this thing is so bad that even the Israelis–whose leader said he’d lobby Congress to stop the agreement–and the Arabs have agreed[4] that the treaty is not a good one, not for the Middle East or the world.

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