Obamacare Waivers Prove Policy is a Jobs Killer, Unions Benefit Most

by Warner Todd Huston | November 15, 2010 10:57 am

111 companies and organizations were granted waivers by Obama’s Dept. of Health and Human Services so that they could get out of having to comply with Obamacare and unions were particularly well rewarded by the HHS with these waivers.

Interestingly, there was no great announcement of these waivers issued to the press. The HHS buried the waiver announcement six layers deep on its webpage and posted them on Friday when they imagined no one would notice. It’s a typical Friday evening document dump so common when an administration wants to avoid the prying eyes of the people. So much for the “most transparent administration in history,” eh?

One thing is sure about these waivers. Obama rewarded his union pals quite well. Some 15 unions and union healthcare or financial fund and insurance providers fill the list[1] of companies and groups that will not have to operate under Obamacare’s destructive rules.

Interestingly enough, Obama has waived the onerous Obamacare rules for quite a few healthcare providers, too. One wonders how good Obamacare could be if the rules are waived for actual healthcare providers?

Most outrageous addition to the waiver list is the exemption that New England Health Care got. Is NEHC a healthcare provider or insurance company, you ask? Nope. It’s a policy group that, according to its website[2], is “dedicated to transforming health care for the benefit of patients and their families.”

As Jazz Shaw notes[3] the irony is rich.

So an institute dedicated to finding ways to reform the health care system had to apply for an exemption from the administration’s reforms to the health care system? Keep your eyes on the news next week, as I’m fairly sure that the heads of some immigration reform lobbying groups will be deported.

In any case, this list shows that HHS realizes how bad Obamacare is for the healthcare plans on a wide range of industries, so bad that the new rules had to be waived. And remember. Once Obama waives all these businesses from having to put up with Obamacare, that just puts more burden on the rest of us that aren’t big campaign donors to Obama’s warchest.

Here is the full list of those that received waivers:

  1. the list: http://www.hhs.gov/ociio/regulations/approved_applications_for_waiver.html
  2. according to its website: http://www.nehi.net/about/
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