Obama’s Avalanche of Regulations Cost Us All Over $80 BILLION a Year in Wasted Money

by Warner Todd Huston | May 12, 2015 11:39 am

Obama’s avalanche of regulations is destroying our economy and cost us all billions of wasted money every year. Now we discover that through his mountain of regulations he is forcing us all to waste over $80 billion a year!

Obama is forcing us all to pay more in regulatory costs[1] than most whole country’s make in a year!

The major regulations imposed by the Obama administration now cost Americans more than $80 billion a year—twice as much as the rules issued by the Bush administration at the six-year mark, according to a Heritage Foundation report released today.

Lawmakers must act on a range of reforms in order to stem the massive expansion of the regulatory state.

The report, “Red Tape Rising: Six Years of Escalating Regulation Under Obama,” documents an increase of 27 major rules in 2014, which brings the administration’s total to 184.

By comparison, at this point during the presidency of George W. Bush, only 76 major rules had been adopted at a cost of $30.7 billion—38.5 percent of the Obama cost total.

And you wonder why the economy has never recovered under Obama?

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