Obama’s Intelligence Agency Looking to Hire ‘Digital Exploitation Specialist’

by Warner Todd Huston | June 11, 2013 2:20 pm

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the spotlight since news broke that the agency has been collecting massive amounts of data from everyday Americans and with some of the worst timing ever, the NSA is now advertising for new employees for positions as “Digital Exploitation Specialists.”

According to the NSA job description, the duties of the job are to “perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications.”

The job opening was advertised on Twitter[1] on June 6.

Just as the agency is under suspicion of being the biggest domestic spies in American history, the agency posts job openings for even more such people. This only days before an NSA whistleblower came forward[2] to detail what many is proof of the over zealousness of the spy agency.

And as millions of Americans are losing their jobs, their insurance benefits, or finding their career stagnate in paralysis, the NSA seems to have a pretty sweet starting salary range for these Digital Exploitation Specialists. They’ll be making between $42,209 and $81,204 annually.

In case you don’t want to log your IP address at nsa.gov[3] to the see the job description, the full details are as follows:

The purpose of the Digital Network Exploitation Analyst Development Program (DDP) is to develop individuals who can perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications. Individuals will support the Analysis and Collection Offices in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). The three-year intern program combines training (SIGINT Discovery/Analysis), operational assignments (in the SIGINT Directorate) and a technical report to enhance the skills of an individual. There is a one year commitment to the SIGINT Directorate upon graduation from the Development Program. In order to carry out these functions NSA is looking for people who are highly skilled and impassioned with Analysis and Discovery. Graduates of this program are aggressively sought after because of their in depth knowledge and breadth of experiences.

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