Obama’s Mounting Scandals

by Warner Todd Huston | September 23, 2011 12:12 pm

The Heritage Foundation has a post[1] giving a run down of some of the scandals mounting in the Obama administration… you know, the most ethical administration ever? Yeah. That one.

Most of them have to do with Obama’s penchant for crony capitalism. Like the good socialist he is, Obama wants to pick the winners and losers in the world of business so he shovels mounds of the taxpayer’s cash to the companies of pals and donors so that they will… well, apparently so that they will give him money back in donations and then just go bankrupt!

The post at Heritage details the crony capitalist scandals of failed companies like LightSquared and Solyndra.

Also there is the mounting scandal of Obama’s effort to arm Mexican narco-terrorists in the Operation Fast and Furious mess sponsored by his BATF, FBI and DOJ.

Sadly, it’s been 78 days since the Old Media has asked the administration about this murderous mess. We’ve already seen over 150 Mexicans killed and at least one U.S. Border agent killed over Obama’s secret gun shipping program. Not to mention that the guns Obama shipped to Mexico in a failed effort to “find” Mexican drug gangs — guns that they instantly lost track of — are ending up here at crime scenes in the U.S.

I’ve been covering it extensively at RightPundits.com[2].

Meanwhile here is Accuracy in Media’s round up of the Solyndra scandal…

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