Obama’s Mouthpiece? ABC’s Cokie Roberts Says Voters Will Make Republicans Compromise in 2011??

ABC News talking head Cokie Roberts was shilling for the Obama administration once again on Good Morning America during an interview with former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos. She wasn’t just shilling for Obama but tying to mold the news and public opinion to her left-wing druthers instead of giving an honest review of today’s political climate.

Like the rest of the Old Media establishment, Roberts was filled with praise for the great success that Obama had in this lame duck Congress. “It was incredible,” she gushed.

Of course, Roberts interpreted the Lame Duck session to mean that the Republicans are the ones that came to Obama as opposed to the truth that he had to come to them for the first time in his political career. This lame duck session was the first time in Obama’s life he was forced to actually compromise with Republicans as opposed to merely giving compromise lip service but otherwise sticking to his hard-left agenda — and even at that he barely compromised at all here.

But instead of reporting the truth, Roberts spun it to make it seem as if the GOP came hat-in-hand to her powerful and righteous president. And she pronounced it good and insisted that the GOP must continue it despite gaining the upper hand in the recent midterm elections.

“The big question going forward is whether Republicans will continue to cooperate when they have a bigger… minority in the Senate and a majority in the House. You see some Republicans today saying, ‘well this isn’t great, you know, now the president’s got all these victories and he’s not so weakened anymore and they don’t like that.'”

But that was nothing compared to the wishful thinking hogwash Roberts unleashed at the end of the interview.

Ultimately Roberts tried to create a false political reality, one that would favor her beloved president. But it is a political landscape that exists only in her head and is proof that Cokie Roberts is no honest political analyst.

“I really think that voter response is going to tell the next Congress a lot. Because if people start to say, ‘Hey we like this cooperation that we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks,’ then it becomes harder to just be obstructionists. And right now Congress is at its lowest level ever in public opinion, so they’ve got that cut out for them.”

So, let us get this straight. In Roberts’ fevered dreams she sees the voters saying they “like this cooperation” they have seen in the lame duck session and that will force the GOP to compromise more in 2011? Roberts is positing that the landslide GOP election, the one that saw more Republicans elected than have been since the 1940s, has all been wiped away because Obama and the GOP might have had a few days of working together?

She’s obviously been living in a cave not to understand the import of the 2010 elections.

The truth is, though, Roberts wants the vast majority of voters to become powerless because they do not support her left wing agenda. She dearly hopes that the anger felt toward the Democrats and the President by the overwhelming majority of voters is now moot because of a few days in congress.

Roberts is no less than trying to add her voice in an attempt to fool people into believing that the GOP should bend over backwards to come to the president’s point of view. She is trying to neuter the GOP tidal wave about to sweep into Washington before they even take their seats for their first day of work.

Fortunately, it is little else but Roberts revealing her agenda soused with a large dollop of wishful thinking. The next congress could be one of the most conservative congresses in decades and with the Tea Party movement prodding them onwards — as it successfully did defeating the DREAM Act — bending over backwards for the extremely leftist agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid is not a very likely outcome.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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