OUTRAGEOUS: Dem. Leader Harry Reid Caught Red Handed in Massive New Corruption Scandal

by Warner Todd Huston | March 8, 2015 2:59 pm

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (doesn’t the “former” part sound good?) is one of the most corrupt Senators in US history and this week he’s been caught in yet another massive scandal after news broke that he stole billions in “green energy” subsidies and steered them to his staffers, family, friends, and supporters.

A new report from the Washington Free Beacon shows[1] that Reid is at it again…

Corporate donors to a green energy nonprofit operated by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) former staffers and a current campaign operative have received billions of dollars in federal loan guarantees and grant money as a result of Reid’s advocacy.

Fulcrum Bioenergy began contributing to the Clean Energy Project (CEP) in 2013. One year later, the Nevada Democrat steered tens of millions of dollars in federal grant money to the California biofuel company.

Fulcrum is one of at least nine corporate donors to the Clean Energy Project (CEP) that have secured federal financing for themselves or a client due in part to Reid’s behind-the-scenes advocacy—activity that watchdogs warn could be construed as unethical.

Like everyone else in the Democrat Party, Reid is a crook. But he’s one of the worst of the lot.

  1. report from the Washington Free Beacon shows: http://freebeacon.com/issues/harry-reid-secured-subsidies-for-aides-donors/

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