PATHETIC! WaPo Mocks Ryan’s Suit!?

by Matt Vespa | August 16, 2012 12:26 am


They’ve got nothing! : The dead tree media has nothing on Mitt Romney and nothing on Paul Ryan. : How do we know this? : Obama’s ads depicting Mitt as ‘an evil Bain outsourcer/wife killer ‘ have fallen flat. : Obama has spent about $100 million dollars[2]—with three-fourths of the money dedicated to negative ads and polling not moving in a direction that safely ends with his re-election. : Yes, he’s up nine, but I’m hedging that those numbers rest with his likability, not his policies. : The current left-wing attacks on the Ryan budget have been exposed as outdated[3] and relying on old data. : Fact checkers be damned!

Since they have resorted to being the schoolyard bully and lacking anything that could truly hurt the Republican ticket, the liberal media turns to mocking the fashion sense of the newly selected Vice Presidential candidate. : The Washington Post was all over this.

As Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters posted on August 15th[4], “Katherine Boyle to write a: 700-word piece[5]: pondering the meaning of Paul Ryan’s suit size:

But Ryan (Wis.) appeared rumpled, slightly sloppy for a vice-presidential candidate. As if he’d flown in hours before and mistakenly picked up someone else’s suitcase. His pants sagged at his ankles. His starched, white shirt bunched at his stomach. His dark jacket drooped, better suited for a man of the cloth than a man on a presidential ticket.

Ryan, a high-ranking House Republican, known as a stickler for numbers and a devotee of hard-core workouts, seemed oddly unconcerned about the clothes he wore during the most important announcement of his political career. How could a fitness buff with 6 to 8 percent body fat wear a suit that looked two sizes too big?

“Paul Ryan looked like what he is: a rumpled, think-tank policy: wonk: sort of guy,” said Christine K.: Jahnke, president of Positive Communications, a Washington-based media and image-consultant company (her hundreds of clients have included The Washington Post). “I don’t think that will change as the campaign goes on. If he clicks it up too much, both he and Romney will have the distant CEO-Wall Street look.”

Perhaps his raw, slightly unkempt suit balances out Romney’s snazzier, controlled appearance. Ryan’s Midwestern sensibilities and baggy pants may appeal to swing voters who think cuff links are wasteful expenditures. The man believes in trimming budgets, not pant legs.

Yep. The Washington (Com)Post wrote a seven-hundred word column on how Paul Ryan’s suit looked disheveled. : How sophomoric can you get? : I guess when you’re outspending your opponent four to one on attack ads that fall flat, I guess the Democrat-Media Complex needs to become the ‘fashion police’ to bash Obama’s enemies since his record isn’t all that ‘snazzy.’

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