Planet Fitness Bans Woman After She Complains of Transgender Man in Women’s Locker Room

by Warner Todd Huston | March 7, 2015 12:24 pm

Yvette Cormier was “stunned” when a man who was obviously a man and not appearing at all as a women walked into the locker room of her Planet Fitness in Michigan City, Michigan. But when she complained, the Planet Fitness folks banned Cormier instead of the transgender man.

The incident[1] happened in February.

was stunned and shocked,” she told WNEM-TV. “He looked like a man. He did not look like a woman.”

Cormier said that when she complained to the front desk and later corporate, the gym said they embrace whatever sex a person identifies with — which is sometimes not what they were biologically assigned. The woman, however, kept telling other women about the policy.

Cormier ultimately was informed by a gym representative that her membership had been revoked for violating Planet Fitness’ trademark “no judgement” policy.

“This is very unprofessional,” she told WNEM. “This is very scary.”

The gym later released a statement saying they are “committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members.”

If this guy was not even trying to look like a woman, it raises the question of just when is pretending you are transgender the same as BEING transgender? It is a good question.

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