Police Confiscate Disabled 9/11 New York Firefighter’s Legal Guns, Now He’s Fighting Back

by Warner Todd Huston | February 12, 2015 8:14 pm

Over a year ago a disabled firefighter in New York got involved in a shouting match with his son–one featuring no violence nor threats of any at all–that got loud enough for the police to be called. Instead of doing their job and just breaking up the yelling match the cops confiscated $100,000 of the firefighter’s guns wholly without cause. And now, a year later, he is still fighting to get them back.

Former FDNY firefighter Marc Weinstein was one of the NY firemen who worked on that terrible day on 9/11, but this didn’t matter to the stormtrooping cops who stole his legal guns.

He’s still fighting[1] to have them returned.

Now, the former firefighter, who has no charges against him and who was left disabled after the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 has filed suit against the Nassau County Police for their assault upon his Second Amendment rights.

“We believe this case shows the disdain with which Nassau County and New York politicians in general hold the Second Amendment rights of their citizens,” Weinstein’s attorney, Robert Bean, revealed in an interview. “This is a policy run amuck. As the Supreme Court stated in Heller, the fact that possession of firearms is an individual constitutional right ‘takes certain policy choices off the table.’”

Weinstein, apparently, is not playing around; he has filed suit against the police chief and three of the officers who came to his house to confiscate his legally-owned firearms.

The legal team is demanding the prompt return of the $100,000 gun collection, an additional $2 million in punitive damages and an end to the police department’s policy of automatically seizing legally-owned firearms from citizens due to alleged domestic disturbance disputes.

It was not merely his Second Amendment rights that were violated, Weinstein’s attorney’s assert; having had no probable cause and no warrant, the officers’ confiscation of legally-owned property constitutes a violation of Weinstein’s Fourth Amendment protections as well.

This is a blatant violation of this American’s Constitutional rights.

But one thing seems sure: calling the police is the surest way to lose your rights no matter what is going on! This is the kind of garbage that makes citizens distrust the police.

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