Protesting Thug Stomps on US Flag… Gets a NASTY Surprise! [VIDEO]

As Obama made his yawn-worthy speech at the DNC last night, a group of protesters were creating trouble just outside the arena walls. In an attempt to disrespect America and all of those who fought and died for our freedom, these hooligans set our flag on fire, only to discover a nice dose of karma awaiting them.

The protester caught himself on fire and screamed like a girl trying to put it out. If burning the flag wasn’t disrespectful enough, they tried to stomp out the fire!

From TheBlaze:

“What are you doing?!” one fellow protester can be heard yelling.

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“What an idiot!” another said.

Watch the protester learn the hard way that he is not fireproof (Warning: Strong language):

BuzzFeed’s Jim Dalrymple captured video of another failed attempt to burn an American flag.

“The fire went out quickly, despite being doused in lighter fluid. The flag seems to have been made out of non-flammable material,” Dalrymple reported.

It’s sad that our flag is so easily disrespected with no punishment. This story still has some sort of happy ending though, the guy did catch fire after all.

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