Race Faker Dolezal Fired From University, She Even Lied About Being a ‘Professor’

It has now been revealed that the mentally ill Rachel Dolezal lied about something else on top of the dozen other things she lied about. You’ll recall that she’s been called a “professor” at Eastern Washington State university. Well, now the university admits that she was never a professor and that she has been fired from her job as instructor.

Dolezal has been going around calling herself a “professor” for sometime. Here is a snippet of what her bio looked like on the university website…

But as of this weekend, that bio no longer appears on the university’s site.

Despite the fact that her online bio hosted by the university called her a “quarterly professor,” it turns out the school never authorized her to call herself that because in fact she is just an “adjunct instructor” who was hired from quarter to quarter.

In essence she is just an assistant, not a full or even a partial professor. Breitbart has the story:

Breitbart News spoke with David Meany, the person in charge of media relations at Eastern Washington University (EWU), where Rachel Dolezal was listed as a professor of Africana Studies. He said Dolezal’s contract with EWU expired June 12th and she is “no longer an employee of Eastern Washington University.”

“Dolezal was listed as a professor but she was never a professor,” Meany explained. “Either she or one of her staffers listed her inaccurately as a professor.” Meany told Breitbart News, Dolezal was an “adjunct instructor hired on a quarterly basis.” He added that she has been hired on a quarterly basis since 2010 and that her profile was taken down from the school’s website to “avoid confusion.”

“People thought she was a professor and we were getting a lot of calls asking how we could have her working here.”

So, add this to the growing pile of lies this pathological liar is telling about herself. This woman has serious mental problems.

Warner Todd Huston

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