Recession Will Soon Hit Home for Dems

by Dave Blount | April 27, 2010 2:43 pm

There is some justice in the world. The economic slump is going to be putting a few more people out of work in November — namely the Democrats who caused it[1] by forcing banks to make race-based loans and resisting Republican attempts to rein in Fanny & Freddy until the entire housing market had collapsed.

Notch one more victim of the recession: With crucial midterm elections nearing, Democrats have lost the advantage they’ve held for years as the party the public trusts to steer the economy.

The timing could be fortunate for the Republicans. With jobs and the economy dominating voters’ concerns, the GOP will wield the issue as a cudgel in the battle to grab control of at least one chamber of Congress this November and weaken President Barack Obama.

“The number one question on voters’ minds is, ‘Where are the jobs?'” said Ken Spain, spokesman for the House Republican campaign organization. “Republican candidates on the campaign trail will ask one very simple question: ‘Are you better off today that you were two years ago?'”

A similar question worked well for Reagan after the Jimmy Carter debacle.

Pollsters, analysts and politicians across party lines agree the Democrats have lost their grip on the issue [of the economy] chiefly due to unemployment rates that have stuck near 10 percent since last summer, an ongoing foreclosure crisis and the recession that began in December 2007 [not long after the Dems took over Congress]…

While the November elections are a long way off, most economists believe unemployment will still be high by Election Day, and improvements in the economy are likely to be modest.

Aware that the party in power is commonly punished for a weak economy, Democrats hope to persuade voters to view the elections as a choice between their party’s recovery efforts and what they call the GOP’s preferences to reward corporations and wealthy taxpayers.

Corrosive class warfare rhetoric and attacking the golden goose that creates the jobs worked in the past too. But having been through one Great Depression, we’re wiser than we were in FDR’s time — and thanks to the Internet, better informed.

The Democrats also may have hurt their image as effective custodians of the economy by spending more than a year pushing Obama’s near $1 trillion health care overhaul through Congress. It was enacted last month to mixed public reviews and after many people — including Democrats — complained that stronger congressional efforts on jobs were overdue.

To translate out of the APese, ObamaCare was rammed down our throats despite the obvious deleterious effect it would have on the already weak economy, and the public is enraged.

Look for the media to begin painting rosy scenarios of the booming recovery just around the corner. But having flushed away the last of its credibility on the global warming hoax and getting Comrade Obama in office, the MSM is going to have a hard time convincing us we have jobs when we don’t.

…nearly two-thirds in [an Associated Press-GfK] poll say they know a non-relative who has recently lost a job. This group, whose size has remained steady for more than a year, is likelier to back Republicans.

Not to worry, Dems. With your skill set and reputation for integrity, you’re sure to find work as used car salesmen.


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