Report: Planned Parenthood Covered Up Sex Abuse of Children in Seven States

by Warner Todd Huston | September 4, 2015 11:38 am

A new report from Alliance Defending Freedom reveals that Planned Parenthood covered up the sex abuse of minors in seven states by refusing to report instances of rape, abuse, and incest in order to give abortions.

In every state healthcare providers are supposed to report to police when a minor patient comes to them who was raped or is being sexually abused. But Planned Parenthood has steadfastly refused to obey the law[1] to protect children not just in a state or two, but in states all across the nation.

A new scathing report from Alliance Defending Freedom reveals how Planned Parenthood covered up cases of child sexual abuse in seven states. The 13-page summary report shows how the abortion giant failed to report the crimes to authorities, as required by law, but instead profited off the abortions of minor girls.

The report cites multiple cover-ups —not isolated incidents—of sexually abused minors in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Ohio. In every case, ADF reports how affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America did secret abortions, and sent innocent victims back into the arms of their sexual abusers.

Planned Parenthood’s neglect for rule of law shows it cares more about abortion than the safety of women and children. In the mentioned incidents, the abortion business was a partner in crime with rapists, child molesters, and sexual abusers. Mandatory reporting laws require a provider to report any suspicion of abuse.

So, liberals who support the arrest of Kim Davis because she isn’t “following the law” where are they when PP refuses to follow the law protect children from sexual abuse?

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