Romneycare: Wait Times to see Docs Growing in Massachusetts

The Boston Globe is reporting that wait times are growing for citizens of Massachusetts to get in to see their doctors under the universal healthcare plan that Mitt Romney saddled Bay Staters with. Wait times have grown to as much as 48 days it has been found.

The average wait ranged from 24 days for an appointment with a pediatrician to 48 days to see an internist. The wait for an internist was actually down slightly, from 53 days in a similar 2010 survey, but the waits for family doctors, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, and ob/gyns increased.

Worse, new patients are finding it almost impossible to even find a new doctor as most of them are full and not accepting new patients.

There are many reasons for this. With more people getting cut-rate coverage, more people want to run off to doctors at the slightest provocation which causes doctor’s offices to get backed up. Also, fewer new doctors come into service because they don’t find being under the thumb of government an attractive idea and the few doctors left have even larger patient loads to deal with. Then there is the case of the slows that government causes in every area. With all the new regulations and paperwork that the state forces on doctor’s offices it takes even longer to process claims.

The fact is, healthcare is getting worse in Massachusetts thanks to the state’s universal healthcare law called Romneycare — a law almost exactly like Obamacare.

Remember, folks, this mess in Massachusetts is precisely the same mess that Obama is forcing on all of us. We will all find it hard to find new doctors, we will all find wait times growing to months instead of days, we will all find costs rising exponentially and quality of care declining. This is what happens when government takes over. Things go from bad to worse.

Welcome to your future if Obamacare stands, America.

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